5 Sports You Have to Try

We are living in an age when there is no ignoring your health and fitness. With detailed information on food packaging, to almost daily updates on the foods we should or shouldn’t be eating it has never been clearer what we need to do to live healthier lives.

Smoking bans, minimum alcohol prices and other schemes have all been introduced with an eye to easing the burden on unnecessary or avoidable health care issues. But it isn’t that easy for a lot of people. Out with dietary changes, living a more active lifestyle can be a big step for people.

Gyms aren’t for everyone so finding a sport to take part in can be a great way to introduce a bit of activity to your weekly routine and also meet loads of great new people.

In the UK the majority of people in sport clubs will be split between football and rugby, if you don’t like either of these don’t worry. There are lots of other sports or activities that you can think about taking part in and we are going to suggest a few for you right here.


Volleyball is a great team sport that has loads of amateur clubs set up around the country. You don’t need to be a seasoned pro to join in either as you can get the basics down quite easily. Age, sex and size don’t really matter at an amateur level; most groups just go for the enjoyment rather than anything else.


More popular across the Atlantic or on the continent, Lacrosse is starting to make a name for itself in the UK.

With a feel of ‘hockey meets shinty’ about it, Lacrosse actually dates back to around 1100 AD, so it might have taken its time to come over here but it seems to be making up for it now.

Trail Running

Running at the gym is boring, why not get out and see some of the beautiful British countryside. There are lots of clubs you can join or you can even download apps that can give you local trails.


Like running, cycling is another thing that people go to a gym to do when getting out and about lets you see more of the world and gives you a different sort of workout by going over different terrains. The cost of a bike against the cost of a gym membership can also be quite favourable.


Another game that is huge around the world but never really broke through to any great extent in the UK is basketball. All school gyms or sports centres will have basketball hoops so finding local amateur teams or groups to join should be pretty easy.

These are just 5 suggestions that you might want to investigate or you could look for other teams or groups locally that might appeal to you. Having the support network of a team can be the boost you need to live a more active lifestyle so why not give it a go?

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