The Craziest Sports at the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics always sparks a lot of interest in winter sports that a lot of us might not know too much about. We thought we would look at some of those more interesting sports that really capture the imagination.

The 2018 Winter Olympics held in Korea saw a record number of athletes competing across the board.

Skeleton Bob

If you ever jumped on a baking tray and went down a snowy hill as a child then you have a (very) basic idea of what the Skeleton Bob is.

The idea of the sport is that one person rides a sled, head first down a frozen track. It is known as the ‘Skeleton’ Bob because of the appearance of the sled.

What makes this one of the most interesting and intense sports at the Winter Olympics are the speeds they can reach of around 90mph.


The difference between Skeleton Bob and the Luge is you lay on your back for the Luge. The Luge can also get greater speeds than the Skeleton Bob so it is another high speed, exciting sport.

Similar to both is the Bobsleigh, or Bobsled, which is a team sport and will most fondly be remembered from the Disney film Cool Running’s.

The Biathlon

Most of us will think of skiing as being a strictly downhill sport, the biathlon not only dispels that myth but shoots it down. The Biathlon combines cross country skiing with precision shooting of all things.

So not only do the competitors have to undergo an energy sapping cross country ski but they then need to try to compose themselves to shoot targets from distance. This is a great sport and always fans favourite.

Speed Skating

Speed skating might not sound too crazy but with all the drama, smashes and crashes that you get every time it is definitely one of the most exhilarating.

The close quarters race does not give competitors much chance or opportunity for overtaking and that is why there are always a few collisions. A very enjoyable spectator sport which is ideal for those that love a bit of drama.

Ski Jump

The Ski Jump is another exciting Winter Olympic sport that is difficult to understand just how difficult it is.

The recent UK TV show The Jump which challenges celebrities to the long jump gives you an idea about the difficulty and danger as many contestants have been injured.

The world record distance for the ski jump is over 250 metres, an absolutely staggering distance.

There you go, 5 crazy, fun and enjoyable sports that brighten the Winter Olympics every four years. It is always a pleasure to see these athletes that have devoted their entire career to being the best in their own respective fields.

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